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Drawing on over four decades of involvement in events in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, we are well placed to work with you to achieve the outcomes that matter to your organisation. Whether you want to raise the profile of a one-off campaign, or shape the long-term debate around an issue, we will work with you to clearly identify your objectives and put together a personalised package to ensure these are met. 

Every organisation has different priorities and faces a unique set of challenges. We pride ourselves in identifying and understanding these, and providing a tailored service to produce valuable, lasting outcomes. Depending on your needs, we will provide a combination of the following services, which we have successfully implemented across all areas of our work, to make sure you’re informed, engaged, and heard.


·        Monitoring of parliamentary debates, questions and events

·        Government policy analysis

·        Media monitoring

·        Detailed research into issues, policies and international political risk

·        Reporting on activities and reputation of organisations in your sector

·        Providing strategic, political and communications advice


·        Cultivating relationships between you and key decision makers and stakeholders, both in the UK and around the world

·        Building media networks

·        Policy development and promotion

·        High level event and conference organisation


·        Crafting your message

·        Campaign building

·        Profile raising around your organisation and social issues

·        Creating opportunities for thought leadership

·        Crisis management